These are the Most Ridiculous BUT Hilarious Mannequins Ever Found …LOL

These are the Most Ridiculous BUT Hilarious Mannequins Ever Found …LOL

Mannequins are arguably creepy. They’re supposed to resemble human beings and serve as a “model” for apparels. Still, they freak us out because they resemble us in an inanimate manner.

But there also mannequins that remove the word “creepy” and replace it with “funny.” Seriously, if you’d walk into a mall and see these mannequins, you’ll definitely laugh. Check the pictures below and see for yourself how hilarious they look.


“Plus-Sized” Mannequin

We all know mannequins have different bust sizes. But this one is literally on a whole new level.

Looks Like They Don’t Like Their Jobs

Mannequins are laborers and employees too, and just like any employee, some of them just don’t like their jobs.

The Mutant Mannequins

We don’t even know how these mannequins ended up looking exactly how they look in this picture.

Prehistoric Mannequin

Looks like this mannequin hanged out with long-necked dinosaurs and ate dinner with them too.

This Is Not the Club

Some mannequins just think they’re out in the club, partying and having fun with their friends.

“Wrong Pocket, Dude”

These mannequins are completely being inappropriate. They’re even soccer players for crying out loud.

Bieber Fever!

No one could’ve said it any better.

Get Out of Here, Lady!

Guess these mannequins didn’t want the lady in the room, so they “kicked” her out.

What Are You Even Doing?

Not sure if this mannequin is posing some kind of new elaborate pose or if it’s just drunk.

Falcon . . . Punch!

That’s seems like a solid hit, but the mannequin who got punched is not even fazed.




Don’t Look at Its Eyes

This mannequin is definitely a nightmare fuel for kids who witness its lifeless glare. Seriously, it looks creepy.

Twerk It Like Mannequin

This mannequin should work someplace else, that better fits its “unique” personality.

Is That Even Necessary?

What would be a sufficient reason as to why this mannequin is doing what it’s doing?

They Seem to Be Having a Good Time

We’re all for parties and having fun. But it should be done in the appropriate places, not and never in the mall.

What’s With the Attitude?

This mannequin must be very upset because she’s showing the ultimate sign of displease.

Might Have Been an Accident

Why this mannequin’s head appears to be cut in half is beyond our knowledge. As to why he has boobs, even Google doesn’t know.

The Pointy Ones

Humans should be happy that we don’t have pointy heads.

What the Actual Hell?

Okay, now this is just bizarre. Just look at it. Seriously?

This Mannequin Is Full of Irony

The irony is rich with this one. Whoever put the shirt on is obviously a racist.

What a Big Mouth You Have!

Now these mannequins are seriously high. Also, they’re apparently tripping like crazy.




Tantalizing Eyes

Yeah, mannequins like this one actually exist.

Is This Considered as a Symmetric Body?

We’re not sure how this mannequin was made, but it does look pretty weird.

Just Be Yourself!

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the norm. Just be your authentic and genuine self!

Are They . . . Dancing?

Are they dancing or what? It’s really hard to tell.

“I Think I Dropped Something”

Relax, folks, little Gina must have simply dropped something on the ground, which explains her position.

The Size Is Just Ridiculous

Looks like humans are not the only ones who are obsessed with enhancing their physical features.

Goa- Wait . . . What!

That’s definitely not the right way to score a “goal” in soccer.

Hang in There!

Just hang in there! Don’t let go because you can make it!


These mannequins are just hilarious. We can’t even comprehend the level of humor the people, who specifically positioned the mannequins in such a manner, have. They certainly brought some good laughs to people.


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