10 Nail Art Designs That Will Complete Your New Year’s Eve Look

10 Nail Art Designs That Will Complete Your New Year’s Eve Look

There is nothing like new nails for New Year. You can match it with your favorite black dress or that signature glitter eyeshadow you wear on special occasions. There are numerous ideas to get yourself in that celebratory mood and brighten up the atmosphere like how fireworks light up the sky during New Year’s Eve.

So prepare to cap off the last party of this year with these glamorous nail art ideas:

Gold Flecks over Black

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Gold and black usually go well together, especially for New Year’s Eve. It never fails to create a glamorous look.

Blue Winter Night

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You can trust that the sparkling snowflake will capture everyone’s attention. So grab a stencil and start creating your own sparkle.


Rose Gold and Glitter

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Rose gold has been a staple color for 2015. People even dye their hair with the chic shade. Paint your nails with rose gold and glitter, and you’re bound to give the illusion of sexy pink champagne.

Glitzy and Formal

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This look is worthy of an invite to one of Gatsby’s parties. Let your nails be the belle of the ball with stunning gel nail polish.

Playful Stamps

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Let your nails literally scream New Year by applying fun nail stamps. Further style it up with clocks and fireworks so you can bring the party to your own hands.



Pair Glitter with Gel

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Get maximum shine by applying clear polish on glittery sparkles. You’ll earn the envy of everyone as you happily drink a glass of wine.

Glitter French Tips

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Up your French tips by applying a glitter accent on each finger. It will make you look fresh and elegant just in time for the parties.



Shine Like a Star

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On New Year’s Eve, there is no such thing as too much glitter. So pair off cobalt blue–colored nails with a burst of glitter to create an illusion of a supernova.

Shattered Glass Nails

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If you aren’t a fan of glitter, don’t fret because you can still create a glam look with shattered glass nails. Shattered glass nail design is a trend that rose to fame in 2015, and we’re pretty sure it will stay on top this 2016. By the looks of it, it is best to pair black and gold, but other color combinations work well too.

Basic Nude

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Nude will go well all year around, and it surely will during that New Year’s party you are planning to attend. So file your nails in an almond shape or keep it basic and square; either way, nothing can go wrong with nude.



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