Study Proves That Overweight Men Are Better Lovers

Study Proves That Overweight Men Are Better Lovers

With how the modern society defines the standard of beauty, almost everyone is busy trying to lose some weight. But studies have it that being a little overweight might actually be better. It pays off to have those fats—especially when you are in a relationship.

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In a survey conducted by Darrell Freeman, MD, 2,544 British women were asked what they liked more in the bedroom. The respondents gave unexpected responses, and the study yielded surprising results.

Overweight Men

An astounding 38 percent of the respondents answered that for them, overweight or plus-size men are better in bed. Ripped and athletic men only got 21 percent of the votes, ending up in second place.

“Eager to Please”

Those who said that they prefer overweight men over the ripped ones were then asked for the reason behind their choice. The most prevalent answer were that “they were more caring and gentle” and “they seemed more eager to please me than themselves.” Both of the answers got 42 percent of the total votes.


The Inside

Based on the results of the surveys he conducted, Freeman concluded that it’s not what you see on the outside that matters. Good looks aren’t that all important when it comes to love. For women, it is the inner beauty that stands out more.


While Freeman’s survey might have already convinced you to keep your fats, brace yourself because we actually still got more to reveal. More interesting results were yielded by a separate study conducted in Turkey.

Sexual Performance and BMI

Researchers surveyed 100 men with healthy sex lives and 100 men who unfortunately have unstable sexual lives. Their aim was to find out if sexual performance had something to do with a person’s body mass index or BMI.


Lasting Longer

Once again, the results favored the chubby ones. Based on the numbers, men who are overweight last longer in bed. Skinny guys could only last for about 2 minutes while the guys with love handles could go for as long as 7.3 minutes, and that’s just on average.

Premature Ejaculation

The survey also discovered even more striking results. When it comes to premature ejaculation, chubbier men have lesser tendencies to experience it, compared to the skinny dudes.

Celebrate Your Size

So now you have every reason to feel good about yourself and boast that size of yours. Be proud of your weight. Remember, although a book’s cover can capture people’s attention, it is its contents that will leave a lasting impression.

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