20 Bizarre Furniture Designs That Are Absolutely Genius

20 Bizarre Furniture Designs That Are Absolutely Genius


In making your home beautiful, sometimes you have to take risks and move away from traditional furniture designs. This is if you wish for your interiors to look fresh and innovative.

So, take a look at some of the unique creations out there and peruse several designs that are not just eye-catching, but also multi-functional.

Multifunctional Sofa/Dining Table

If you live in a place that doesn’t have a lot of room, pieces that do double duty are must haves. This sofa can be converted into a dining table with padded stools. This simple and modern design is by Julia Kononenko.


Designer Fanny Adams gave us an interesting piece called Story. It combines a sofa, workstation, and bed.

Flap Table Luxury Gold

This combination of pool table and dining table by Koralturk gives you the option of transforming your place into an entertainment area in seconds. It’s classy gold leaf looks great with the black top.

A Flexible Bookshelf




Natascha Harra-Frischkorn made Chuck, a flexible shelving concept. It’s designed to hold all sorts of objects with different dimensions.

Expandable Capstan Table

The Capstan Table by David Fletcher is a round table that can expand from small to big.

Canvas Furniture

An ingenious creation by YOY. You can hang furniture on your wall and even sit on it. It’s made of wood, aluminum, and stretched elastic canvas.

The OBELISK Furniture

This is a collection of four chairs and a table for outdoor use. They can be stacked together to become an obelisk-like structure.

Evolution Door




This futuristic design by Klemens Torggler is completely unlike any other thing we’ve seen. The door will fold easily like an origami sculpture.

Expandable Mobile Dining Unit

This mobile dining unit can accommodate two to eigh guests.  It’s ideal for small spaces like apartments and bachelor’s pads. The design is by Nobuhiro Teshima.

Staircase Storage Solution

A vertical storage unit with lots of drawers. You can climb on it to access the higher drawers and it has a side rail for you to hold on to. It was designed by Danny Kuo.

The Ping Pong Door

Convert your doorway to a ping pong table. Tobias Franzel designed this for those who don’t have game rooms. The field markers and net come with the door.

A Coffee Bench




Beyond Standards designed this flexible bench. It can be a two-seater, table, or bench. It all depends on how you rotate the modules for your needs.

The KAI Table

This wooden creation by Takamitsu Kitahara has numerous compartments which are perfect for storage. The table has a very compact look.

A Convertible Coffee Table

This coffee table can be a dining table that seats 10 people.

A Chair Within a Chair

Designed by Flavio Scalzo this sculptural-looking chair is a very intriguing creation. It’s modern designs hides a chair. This is great for when you have a unexpected guests.

The Goliath Console/Dining Table

It’s called Goliath and it extends from 17 inches all the way up to 115 inches.

The Pause Sofabed

This easy chair transforms into a daybed. It’s simple, light, and very easy to move. This casual design is great for any living room or lounge.

The REK Bookcase

The REK bookcase is perfect for those with an ever-expanding book collection. You can adjust it to suit your needs. It has a simple and modern design to enhance any interior.

Multifunctional Alop Seat

This was designed by Silvia Pinci. Alop is a multifunctional seat which can be converted into a table. The wooden base has three cushions of varying sizes.

The Bada Table/ Loveseat




The Bada table converts from table to love seat. It is made from reclaimed walnut that gives you two pieces of furniture in one.


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