Doctor Gave Her 2 Weeks to Live, but She Beat Cancer with JUICING

Doctor Gave Her 2 Weeks to Live, but She Beat Cancer with JUICING

After being told she only had two weeks to live, Natasha Grindley, 37, switched from fatty foods to fresh juices. She claims that it has helped her fight cancer. The Liverpool native was given the devastating prognosis in July 2014, when doctors discovered she had stomach cancer.

Immediately after her diagnosis, she began chemotherapy at Clatterbridge Private Clinic. Along with chemotherapy, the nursery teacher researched alternative therapies. She transformed her diet of fatty and sugary foods to one that is nutritious. Within weeks, her lifestyle change had an effect. Her cancer had reduced in size.

Experts warn that there is no evidence exercise, diet, and alternative therapies actually cure cancer alone. They say that the chemotherapy is an essential component to beating the disease.

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Grindley claims that she went from being given weeks to live to a second chance at life just by altering her diet.


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Friends have commented on Grindley’s appearance. She looks great despite chemotherapy being grueling. She credits her healthy appearance to her switch in diet. When doctors told her she had two weeks to live, she was completely devastated.
The whole ordeal was done quickly. They placed an endoscope down her stomach and found that the malignant cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, neck, and abdomen. After her diagnosis, Grindley and her husband started reading constantly to find alternative therapies.

After striking up a friendship with Deliciously Ella author, Ella Woodward, Grindley began her clean-eating life change. She still asks Woodward for nutritional advice.

Grindley now runs a Facebook page Heal for Real that has garnered almost 5,000 likes. The page features health tips and recipes. She also hopes to compile it into a book. She is completely dedicated to the clean eating lifestyle and has completed a diploma in nutrition. More than 18 months after her diagnosis, she is happy to defy the doctor’s predictions.

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The mother-of-two says juices have helped her body prepare for cancer treatment. She adds, “I used the foods to power up my immune system and that helps me because my blood is then ready for chemo.”

Changing her diet has changed her appearance. Even though she was very sick, she still looked better than she had in years.

She still undergoes chemotherapy every three weeks, but she looks good because of her new lifestyle.

Her diet change has included cutting out meat and alcohol. After a few months of the lifestyle change, she felt and saw the difference in her body. The foods that she eats are designed to boost her immune system and help her when she goes through chemo.

I would use some of these recipes or check out some of the ones on YouTube

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