These 12 People Have Spent WAY Too Much Time in the Tanning Booth

These 12 People Have Spent WAY Too Much Time in the Tanning Booth

Over-tanning is a serious problem that affects men and women. It’s an addiction. Some people have a deep-seated desire to look like an Oompa Loompa. Here are twelve people who have a serious case of tanorexia.


Light Face, Black Body

This woman changed things up. Usually it’s a too tan face on a too white body. She did the opposite.

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Major Contrast

If you are going to spray tan, make sure your friends are tan too. Pale friends will make you stand out and look strange especially in group photos.

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Dirty Guy

It’s hard to tell if this man has over-tanned or if he just hasn’t taken a bath in a while.

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The Ganguro Girl

The Japanese trend of Ganguro literally translates to “black face.” This strange fashion trend has resulted in many people walking around looking weird.


Make Her Your Cautionary Tale

All those wrinkles just to have brown skin. She should be used as a health warning.





Serious Makeup Fail

It’s like you don’t know where to start with her fashion wrongs. There’s the fake tan, the eyebrows, the lipstick, the crazy hair, the overdone mascara. Tanning is not the only problem this girl has.


Hey, Nice Facial Hair

This fake tan is definitely from a bottle, but what is even crazier is the combination of the pointy beard and the drag queen eyebrows.

82512862 tanning

Tan Mom

This mother is really obsessed with having brown skin. Let’s assume she used to be the same shade as her daughter.

Trophy Men

These men look like they won the bronze statue lookalike contest.

Please Watch the Hairline

If you’re going to tan your face, at least cover all the skin evenly. These ladies left a spot near their hairline that shows their real skin tone.




There Are No Words for This

What happened to this woman’s face? Surely this was a prank by the tanning salon.


Is That Your Friend?

So you’re friends with an Oompa Loompa. Another example why you can’t be tan with pale friends.

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