Tham Khoun Ex Caves – Laos’ Hidden Treasure

Tham Khoun Ex Caves – Laos’ Hidden Treasure


Laos is known for its beautiful landscapes and ornate temples, however, it has now become a must-visit destination because of a newly discovered wonder – the Tham Khoun Ex Caves.




Locally known as the Xe Bang Fai River, the Tham Khoun Ex Caves features stunning stalagmite formations made of mineral deposits, over 15 kilometers of passageways, and massive amounts of water. Also, this hidden cave has an opening that is filled with a vibrant and a green forest that contrasts the colors of the orange and white flowstone in the walls.




Guests can either walk adjacent chambers on foot or kayak through the waters to explore the cave. But, it is only during November to April that exploration is believed to be safe, because at that time, the water is crystal clear and deep with a green hue.

According to John Pollack, a veteran caver, “Everything about the cave is big – from its towering entrances to its phobia-inducing spiders, which can be 10 inches across”.





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