The Pros and Cons of Couple’s Sleeping Positions …Do They Mean Anything?

The Pros and Cons of Couple’s Sleeping Positions …Do They Mean Anything?


It’s important that you are secure in your relationship. All it takes is a compliment here, an appreciative look there, and perhaps some chocolates or flowers every now and then, and you will bond your relationship.

Enter the science of sleeping positions. Generally, the closer you sleep in bed, the stronger your feelings and the happier you are in your relationship. But don’t fret, just because you don’t sleep in a bear hug with your partner, it doesn’t mean things are a miss…

Here’s a breakdown of the most common sleeping positions:

Face to Face

How to: You sleep facing each other but not touching.

Pros: This position represents intimacy and the need for one-on-one contact and conversation in bed.

Cons: This position can cause worries about morning breath. It’s not the most convenient position for breathing because you don’t want the air your partner to inhale the air you just exhaled.

Back to Back

How to: Both of you are lying on your sides with your back toward each other. Your backs, legs, or feet might be touching.

Pros: This position shows that both are confident in their relationship and that they have probably been together for a while.

Cons: Most couples find this to be a comfortable way to sleep. The only con would be rolling and bumping into each other.

On the Edge

How to: Both sleep on opposite sides, facing away from each other.

Pros: This works for those who have different temperature preference. Perhaps one likes to sleep without the covers, and the other likes to be tucked in warmly.

Cons: This might be a sign of emotional distance and frustration in the relationship.

So Romantic

How to: The man is lying on his back with the woman on her side with her head resting on his chest or shoulder.

Pros: This is common at the start of a new relationship. It’s affectionate without being too clingy.

Cons: Some may find the sound of a heartbeat calming, others may find it distracting or annoying. It’s also not very comfortable for the neck or the partner lying on their back.





How to: Both of you are on your side, with one person snuggled behind.

Pros: This position shows the couple is close and happy and likes to be physically close.

Cons: This is not ideal when it’s too hot outside.

Sleeping positions do not define a relationship. You will not always sleep in the same position. Most people move around while they sleep. There is no one correct way to interpret these positions, the important thing is, you are happy to see each other when you wake up.


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