The Wonderful World of Sharks in Photos

The Wonderful World of Sharks in Photos


Sharks, these powerful aquatic creatures have prowled the Earth’s oceans for 400 million years. Essentially unchanged for almost half a billion years, these predatory fishes fill us with fear and fascination. With sheer power, size, and toothy jaws, sharks are the apex predators of the sea.

Although shark attacks on human rarely happens, sharks are portrayed as vicious killers of the sea by the movies and the media. This stigma, our fears and our unceasing appetite have fuel shark hunting industry that hunts 100 million sharks every year. The hunting of sharks threatens to purge the seas of these vital predators.

The following pictures aims to show the beauty of these powerful and graceful creatures hoping for more understanding of these misrepresented creatures of the seas.

1. Diver Who Swims With Sharks

2. Intense Shark Bait

3. Tiger Shark Swimming At You

4. Divers Chilling Below Huge Tiger Shark

5. Epic Shark Diving, Bahamas

6. Lemon Shark Swims Below Photographer, Bahamas

7. Shark Hunts Sardines




8. Curious Shark

9. Great White Shark Jumping

10. Chilling With The Sharks

11. Whale Shark In The Gulf

12. Whitetip Shark And Diver

13. Snorkelers And Sharks, French Polynesia




14. A Shoal Of Hammerhead Sharks

15. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

16. Swimming With A Nurse Shark

17. Great White Shark Says Hello

18. Open Jaws Of White Shark

19. Blue Shark And The Diver

20. Icy Great White Shark




21. Tiger Shark Close-Up

22. Diver Swimming Around Great White Shark

23. Great White Shark Leaps Out Of The Water

24. Girl Dives With Whale Shark

25. Tiger Shark In Deep Blue Sea

26. Photographer Attacked By Shark

27. Man And A Whale Shark




28. Happy Kid With His Pet Shark, Indonesia

29. The Woman Who Swims With Sharks


Watch the clip below to appreciate the beauty of sharks:


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