19 Shocking Facts That Will Make You Feel Dumb



If you lived in the world of Game of Thrones, you’d be John Snow—because there are so many things you don’t know. And the world is Ygritte trying to rub this fact to your face.

To be able to escape that rough reality, let this article educate you with things that you probably didn’t know, although going through it can be somehow depressing.

Fire doesn’t have a shadow


But how can something that creates a shadow not have its own shadow?

You should chew gum while cutting onions


They’ve done the science, and they found out that this prevents you from crying all over your dishes.

Fungi is not fun-guy


It’s pronounced /fun-jy/. You’ve been pronouncing it wrong all your life.

The “tit” in Tostitos represents two people sharing a chip and salsa


Wait. That didn’t sound right.

The poop emoji is not really a happy bowel excretion

Yes, you read it right. He is more of a tasty dessert than a nasty by-product.



Cat offspring are not the only kittens on earth


Rabbit babies are also called kittens. Get over it.

The lime flavor in Skittles was changed to green apple a few years ago


Only true-blue Skittles fans will know about this awful change.

There is no need for you to unlock your iPhone to reply to text messages


Please do yourself a favor and make your life easier with this awesome hack.

You are probably using bobby pins the wrong way


Won’t you look at that? Now look at yourself in the mirror.



Your cup ramen has been lying to you


No need to cry over all the pennies you spent on these not-so-nutritious provisions.

You have no sense of smell when you are sleeping


When someone woke you up with a fart, it was the sound that disturbed your slumber.

You can see a cyclist in the letters O, U, and R in Le Tour de France


If the letter R is the man, then what is the U supposed to be?

Toad from the Super Mario game franchise is not as nice as you think


Mario, better beat the light out of this guy.

The hole in ring pulls have a very special task


Are you feeling smarter now? Or the opposite?



The digits on the toaster are for minutes


You live in a throne of lies.

This is the appropriate way to peel Mandarin orange


It’s not too late to change your ways. There is always time for second chances.

You can expand ketchup cups


Good thing you no longer have to stretch your tongue to the tip of the cup and look like a wild animal.

The green gummy bears are strawberry-flavored


They probably thought producing the color for strawberry would require some bloody rituals, so they had to compromise.

Bananas are apparently berries but not strawberries


What would be the next plot twist? Strawberries are actually vegetables?



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