Extremely Large Animals You Need To See

Extremely Large Animals You Need To See

Believe it or not, these creatures real! And they’ve made a record for…

The Tallest Dog

Zeus was a massive Great Dane who weighed 155 pounds with a height that towered at 44 inches or 111.8 cm. He dies when he was only 6 years old, just under average of his breed’s normal lifespan.

The Biggest Rabbit

6-year old Darius holds the title as the biggest rabbit. He is such a greedy eater. No wonder he weighs 50 pounds and measures 4 feet and 4 inches long.

The Biggest House Cat

Ludo is a Maine Coon and is a whooping 24.5 pounds and 45 inches long. At 17 months, he is still expected to grow bigger.

The Tallest Horse

With a weight of 2600 pounds and a height of 210.2 cm, 11-year old Big Jake is the largest horse you’d ever see.

The Tallest Cow

Blosom lives on a farm in Orangeville, Illinois stands at 6 feet and 4 inches and weighs 2000 pounds. This 13 year old could not produce calves of her own.




The Tallest Giraffe

A Masai giraffe named George was the tallest to be recorded. From Kenya, he was a resident of Chester Zoo, UK. George was about 6 metres/ 20 feet tall, give or take a few centimetres.

The Biggest Stingray

This 14-footer, 800-pounder stingray was discovered when it was caught by a line and a rod. It was caught in the Mae Klong River in Thailand.

The Largest Ostrich

The Ostrich is the largest living bird having a height of 2.7 m and a weight of 156 kg.

Biggest Wild Cat

The offspring of a male tiger and female tigress, Hercules weighs an massive 922 pounds and measures 131 inches long. She lives at the Myrtle Beach Safari Wildlife Preserve in South Carolina.

Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese giant salamander is the largest living amphibian having a weight of 64 kg and 1.83 m length.




The Biggest Crab

With a leg span of 3.5 meters long and a weight of 42 pounds, the Japanese Spider Crab deserves to be named the biggest crab in the world.

The Largest Bison

Also known as the Indian bison the Gaur is much larger than its American counterparts, especially when you count the hump protruding from its back.

The Biggest Spider

This mammoth spider is too big to feed on little insects hence it feeds on birds. It was found at Rio Cavro, Venezuela many years ago. It has a leg span of 11 inches long.

The Largest Crocodile

A giant crocodile with a 22 ft. long and 2,500 pound reportedly killed in Zimbabwe by an animal control ranger.

The Longest Snake

Medusa, a reticulated python, measures 25 feet and 2 inches long. This 8-year old has a massive weight of 350 pounds and is a star attraction at “The Edge of Hell|” at the Full Moon Productions in Missouri, Kansas.



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