5 Women and the Stories behind Their Shocking Transformations

5 Women and the Stories behind Their Shocking Transformations

A woman’s natural body is celebrated no matter what size she is. But there are some women who wish to stand alone in their physique while others suffer due to disease.

What you will find on this list are the most shocking images of female bodies and the stories behind them.

World’s Thinnest Woman

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Valeria Levitin is fighting for her life. Standing 5’8″ but weighing only 56 lbs, Levitin was named “the world’s thinnest woman.” She once underwent intense diet, which eventually led to anorexia. She used to be a curvy woman, but when a modeling agent said she needed to lose the weight, she not only withered away but also lost self-confidence.

She now wants to raise awareness about the dangers of anorexia, using her body as an example of the side effects of starving yourself to the brink.

The Human Barbie

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A lot of us have heard of human barbies. A lot of women strive to look like the iconic plastic doll, resulting in drastic plastic surgery. Valeria Lukyanova caused quite the stir in social media when photos of her blond hair, blue eyes, and size 0 waist line surfaced online. She also posted videos in YouTube, which all went viral.

A lot of people spread false accusations that her photos were all photo-shopped, but Lukyanova insisted it’s because of her makeup skills. We’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

World’s Heaviest Woman

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Marya Rosales was once named the world’s heaviest woman before she underwent life-saving surgery to remove fat from her body. Before the operation, she was bedridden and suffered from bedsores and other heart diseases until she needed a change.

Rosales was once convicted for the death of her nephew after she confessed to hitting him with her weight, but charges were dropped when the autopsy report came out.

It was believed that Marya once weighed 1,000 lbs.


World’s Most Tattooed Senior

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Isobel Varley holds the Guinness World Record for most tattooed senior citizen in the female category. She used to have 76 percent tattoed, but before her death last May 2015, people say her body was already 90 percent covered with different designs. Her death came after a long battle against Alzheimer’s. She was 77 at the time.


Most Pierced Woman

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Another Guinness record-breaker, but this time it’s for the most piercings in a woman. Brazilian Elaine Davidson, who now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, has more than 9,000 (we’ll leave you guessing where she places the others) piercing all over her body. Davidson specializes not just in piercing but with tattoos, hair braiding, and even aromatherapy.


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