Chivalry Is Not Dead – There Are Still Men Who Know How to Treat Women Right

Chivalry Is Not Dead – There Are Still Men Who Know How to Treat Women Right

If you girls believe that chivalry is dead, then you do not know the right men.

Unbelievably, there are still men out there who were raised right and who still treat women like queens. They are not afraid to love and show everyone, especially the girls they are in love with, how much they care.

Also, these are not just those men who give chocolates, flowers and sweet little notes or even those who still open car doors. They are those who go beyond all these common gestures and do such things as write love letters or poems or carry their girls across puddles or on their shoulders. They are the ones who give up their coats for the women they are with.

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Chivalry Is Not Dead

Below are just some photos of men who are not ashamed to show the world that chivalry is still alive and should be emulated by other men if they want to capture the heart of their women:

Actor Alec Baldwin became Hollywood’s romantic hero when he swept fiancee Hilaria Thomas off her feet and carried her across the red carpet during the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Just like Baldwin, a real man is not afraid to show his affection and will not think twice about helping his girl over a puddle…

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Or carry her during a snowstorm, especially when she is wearing high heels…

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Or have her on his back during a super windy, rainy day…

Chivalry Is Not Dead



Or even hold her hand as she makes her way across a log during one of your nature walks.

A chivalrous man will not hesitate to give his girl a kiss on the head while he holds her close in his jacket.

For him, using his coat to shield his girl from the cold or the rain is as easy as breathing.

He does not even need to be told to hold his bride’s dress up, while they walk down a wet street towards their reception, so it will not get soiled.

A man, who is not afraid to let the world know that he loves his girl, will never be embarrassed to carry her on his shoulders and kiss her anytime and anywhere he wants.

Most of all, a real man who believes chivalry is not dead will keep on loving his girl even when she’s already got white hair and wrinkles on her face. He will love her, until his last breath.



History of Chivalry

Chivalry in Old French originally means “horsemanship”. The idea of chivalry started with three medieval works that depict three top characters of chivalry: the military, the nobility, and the religion. It has been recorded that the code of chivalry was conceived by the horse soldiers of Charlemagne’s army in Northern France.

Leon Gautier’s La Chevalerie which was published in 1883 cited the ten commandments of chivalry which include church beliefs, respect to weaknesses and love of the country, generosity, honesty, and faithfulness, and righteousness against injustice and evil.


The Rules

Just because knights no longer exist doesn’t mean chivalry has ended. We may not be living in the Middle Ages but the acts of chivalry continue to live on. This twenty-first century, be guided by the basics of chivalry with these five distinct rules a gentleman should follow:

1. Always think of the lady first.

A real gentleman always thinks of the ladies first. Giving up a seat in the train is one of the best things you can do to a woman.

2. First impressions are crucial.

First impressions last is an overstatement, but first impressions can certainly make a difference and they definitely get you ahead of everybody.


3. A man takes care of his body.

Real men take care of their health and their physical body. They shower every day, they make sure they get a decent haircut every month, they change their socks and brush their teeth. They do not wear pants with visible boxers because they keep their clothes fit and well tailored.


4. A man is well-informed.

Be a man who is educated and well informed not just about current events but also in other matters like sports, movies, places, food and a bit of history. He should also know the basics about fixing the car, changing leaky faucets and other essential handyman skills.

5. A man is polite.

Chivalry also means respecting the elderly and being polite to the people around him. He knows when to get drunk and he never shows up shouting and making nuisances late at night.

The modern acts of chivalry include picking up the things that a lady accidentally drops, opening the door as the woman enters the room, offering a seat, helping her with her coat, bringing her a drink and paying for her meals, except when you’re a couple and you have certain relationship practices.



Here are some videos of chivalrous gentlemen:



And, here’s a funny one.


Here is another man who proved his love over and over for his girl: These Elderly Couples Prove That True Love Lasts Forever, This Will Warm Your Heart


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